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over 2 years ago

Invitation to MOBI Grand Challenge Phase II

Calling all MOBI Grand Challenge (MGC) Developers! Thank you for participating in Phase I of the Grand Challenge – we were stoked to have you! Phase II recently launched and we are excited to invite you to participate in this second stage of the MGC. Titled Citopia, this phase focuses on blockchain solutions for smart cities and human mobility to improve the quality of life. Don't miss out on your chance to solve urban mobility challenges and drive innovation for smart cities forward through your work! MGC envisions a tokenized Citopia ecosystem where city governments work with employers, schools, universities, and local businesses to create incentives for changed behaviors to build smarter cities. Cities from around the world will be providing mobility data and toolkits for developers to use for their solutions. We will be hosting monthly conversations between Developers and a core-group of City Government officials, representatives from our prize sponsors, and our own MOBI data scientists. These calls will give you the chance to better understand the challenge itself and learn about the types of solutions that will benefit these cities the most. The first MGC Touch-Point Call is scheduled for June 25, 2019, at 8 am PST. Make sure you are signed up for Phase II MGC before June 25th to get a chance to participate in our first one of a kind call with the solution-seekers first hand. To sign up and learn more: Have you signed up yet? We can’t wait to meet you on June 25th on our first monthly Phase II MGC Touch-Point Call!