The MOBI Grand Challenge (MGC), sponsored by MOBI, the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, and TIoTA, the Trusted IoT Alliance, is loosely modeled on the DARPA grand challenge for autonomous driving which captured the public imagination and launched the autonomous driving revolution. The MGC will run in bi-annual stages over three years.

The first stage of the MGC will run from October 12th, 2018 to January 10th, 2019 beginning with a launch in New Mexico and culminating in finalist presentations and a public demonstration of selected technologies at an event hosted by the BMW Group, MOBI community member, in Munich Germany on February 15th, 2019.

The goal of the first stage is to demonstrate the pieces of the BC/DLT Mobility puzzle that can be addressed today. Entries in this first stage could include, but are not limited to: exchanging data and payments with other vehicles and infrastructure; operating in a tokenized environment by registering assets and payments on a public or permissioned ledger; negotiating rights of way, access, and use of infrastructure in a cooperative and distributed ecosystem; adjusting behavior to maximize efficiency from providing services, buying fuel, managing pollution, congestion and carbon footprint, etc.

Future stages of the challenge will draw on the demonstrations of this first stage to set goals, narrow the selection criteria, and address gaps.

By the end of the third year, winning teams will be expected to demonstrate how blockchains and related technologies - distributed ledgers, cryptography, tokens, and consensus mechanisms can leverage the connections and computing power of vehicles to extend the ‘effective range of perception’ of autonomous vehicles to make mobility safer, cleaner, faster, more efficient and accessible.

The ultimate goal of the challenge is to create the first viable, decentralized, ad-hoc network of blockchain/dlt connected vehicles and infrastructure that can reliably share data, coordinate behavior, and thereby improve urban mobility.

MOBI has selected The Blockchain Society to assist with organizing the Grand Challenge. Signing up for the MGC is easy:

Choose your project. It can be anything that demonstrates how blockchains, distributed ledgers, or related technologies can ultimately help create mobile ad hoc networks of the kind envisioned in the MGC video. What piece of the puzzle can you contribute? Sign up for the MGC and join the Grand MOBI Challenge Slack group here. If chosen as a finalist, be ready to present your project at the MOBI public day and awards ceremony, hosted by the BMW Group in Munich, on February 15, 2019.

Over one million USD of token prizes have been pledged for the MGC; roughly $350,000 of which will be awarded in the first stage. Stay tuned for more information about the event, sponsorship, and additional awards.


  • Companies, Universities, NGOs, Startups, or any Independent Developers.
  • Anybody who wishes to create a solution that solves issues in urban mobility.
  • Any Member or Non-Members of MOBI.


  1. A code repository for functioning blockchain software.
  2. A demo video of your working app, with an explanation of how it works.
  3. Submit the code & video through a DevPost submission. 

Hackathon Sponsors


$140,500 in prizes

First Place Team

$50,000 in Ocean Protocol Tokens
1,500,000 XYO Tokens
$4,000 Cash Prize from Constellation Labs
Invitation to an Accenture Global Innovation Hub

Second Place Team

$30,000 in Ocean Protocol Tokens
1,000,000 XYO Tokens
$2,000 Cash Prize from Pravici

Third Place Team (2)

$20,000 in Ocean Protocol Tokens
500,000 XYO Tokens
$1,000 cash prize from Constellation Labs

Additional Prizes (5)

One (1) Membership to Blockgeeks

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

  1. Register for the hackathon on Devpost.
  2. Create a team or find teammates. Join our dedicated Slack channel to help with team formation and receive updates.
  3. Build functioning blockchain software using the developer tools and platforms of your choice. Ideally, choose a category or problem you want to solve.
  4. Create a demo video of you working app, with an explanation of how it works
  5. Submit your application on Devpost


Iliana Oris Valiente

Iliana Oris Valiente

Dan Harple

Dan Harple
Context Labs

Ashley Lannquist

Ashley Lannquist
World Economic Forum

Zaki Manian

Zaki Manian
Trusted IoT alliance

Mike Hearn

Mike Hearn

Lars Klawitter

Lars Klawitter
InMotion Ventures

Lasse Clausen

Lasse Clausen

Dr. Klaus Schaaf

Dr. Klaus Schaaf

Jamie Burke

Jamie Burke
Outlier Ventures

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How creative and original is your idea.
  • Technical
    How well has your idea been coded.
  • Impact
    How many people can your solution help & how big are the implications?
  • Feasibility
    How feasible is the solution?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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