•   about 5 years ago

Why $100,000 in prizes?

In the previous rule the prize was $ 350,000 and If changed then the prize value will be equal to or greater than $ 350,000.
Why the prize is now $ 100,000?

This change violates the previous rule and is not fair to the teams that intend to take 3 months to enter the competition.


  • Manager   •   about 5 years ago

    Hey Andrew & Nguyen - there have been some questions around the prizes and we are just making sure they are fully resolved before continuing. Feel free to message me with any questions.

  •   •   about 5 years ago

    Ok, so basically you promised to pay out big prizes without having money for it? And you just wait 2 months until you decided to sort it out? Isn't it sound like something more that simple "inconvenience"?

    Thanks god I was busy on my work and decided to start on December.

  • Manager   •   about 5 years ago

    Hey Andrew - I sense your frustration, but hopefully you can understand that unforeseen circumstances happen. We had every intention of honouring the prize, we just ask for some time to figure out the issue and make the announcement.

  •   •   about 5 years ago

    Ok, thats my mistake, I supposed, that large companies carry about their image.

    I just realized, that devpost isn't actually guarantee any prizes.
    In december you could simply change prizes to something like "$5 AWS coupon + 50% discount to pizza" with comments like "Thanks everybody, you are great. We finally can bring some nice news to our investors. And sorry for prizes, we have unexpected problems".

    Or, even better - since prizes are tokens - it would be simple to send them to own accounts and post update like "All prizes are send! Thanks!"

    Thanks for doing this now, not in January, 2019 - it saved tons of my time.

  •   •   about 5 years ago

    With just a few days left in the competition, there has been no follow-up about the prizes either here or on Slack.

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